In 1983, Margie & Tom George picked up roots from Macon, GA to move to Birmingham, AL. They began their printing business with three Insty Print franchise locations in the Birmingham metro area. Margie quickly became actively involved in the downtown area, serving on several Chamber of Commerce committees. Over time, they consolidated their efforts into their downtown location in the Brown Marx Building on 20th Street and 1st Avenue North. AccuPrint has been a downtown fixture on 1st Avenue North now for over 30 years.

In 1998, with their children grown, Margie & Tom faced several important decisions. They decided to drop the Insty Print franchise and become independent as AccuPrint. They bought a neighboring building to house their business as well as a loft apartment above and moved into the city from Hoover.

Today, with the amazing revitalization of downtown Birmingham, Margie & Tom are watching as buildings are redeveloped all around them. There is an ever-growing sense of community and a feeling of the city coming alive again. As businesses, such as Publix, locate in the area, it will add to the convenience of the downtown area. Development of Railroad Park and Regions Field, home of he Barons, provide even more places for friends to meet in the area. As the downtown area flourishes, AccuPrint’s business is continuing to grow as well. Margie & Tom are enjoying all of these wonderful changes, all the while surrounded by the captivating architecture and ambience of downtown.

Margie     Tom

Over the years, AccuPrint has strived to improve and expand their services to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the customers.
Margie & Tom take an owner’s pride in the business and civic pride in Birmingham.